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Monday, 8 September 2008

How soon will climate change deniers face trial?

As we all know, tobacco companies have been sued for fortunes for continuing to promote products, without adequate warnings, when they knew that their consumption could prove fatal.

Well, what about the corporations that have spent millions paying lobbyists and “scientists” to rubbish climate change/global warming theory?

The over-bloated and ultra-lame IPCC (the Interplanetary Council for Climate Change or whatever it calls itself) has stuck its timid neck out far enough to claim that climate change theory has a 95% chance of being right. Which would appear to mean that it's all but incontrovertible.

And according to the theory, barring some unforeseen Black Swan event, the earth will, in a couple of decades, become hot enough to profoundly screw up the environments and livelihoods of tens of millions of people, and once that happens, millions of people would die as a result.

Those people would die as a result of river flooding, coastal storm surges, famine and disease. (Sea levels won’t have risen enough yet to remove entire cities from the map. That would come later.)

Now, I’ve seen how angry people can get when someone borrows their favourite coffee cup without asking. So I’m kind of anticipating that there will be a whole lot of anger flying around when their children and their houses get wiped out by climate change.

I’m willing to place a bet that these angry people will want to take the people and corporations responsible to some kind of court and attempt to sue the pants off them, if not send them to a suitably low-lying prison for the rest of their lives.

It won’t just be individuals who’ll be getting litigious. There’ll be a lot of insurance companies who’ll be keen to claw back their losses before they (possibly quite literally) go under. It’ll probably also become a political issue big enough to tear the United Nations to pieces as the South-East Asian countries go after America and the European Union for damages.

Exxon-Mobil, the world’s biggest offender, would be the biggest target by far. And although its directors may escape prosecution because of the warped legislation that makes it extremely difficult to make directors culpable for their sins, many of the people who’ve taken payment for telling lies could also be dragged to court.

Perhaps even the vermin who trawl the web looking for posts like this one and then try to refute them with bogus science and bare-faced lies. Go on, I dare you.

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